Friday, May 14, 2010

A Very Enlightened Beginning....

Free Will: The power of making free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by an agency such as fate or divine will.

Um hmm. "Unconstrained." Just as I suspected when I had the inspiration to define "free will" this morning. And shortly after that moment, I began to have a realization--well, an experience, really, during which it was as if all the strands of my energy were suddenly cut from every commitment I have in my life today and returned to me. And as the awareness continued to surface, it was as if God itself were standing in front of me and saying:

"Here, Alycia, take them all back: the commitments, the have-to's, the shoulds, and the want- to's. And while you're at it, take back the responses that contained the phrase "not a chance in you no-where" as well and all the other imagined obligations that you have been having an inner tantrum about for the last week or two as if there was someone or something standing over you forcing you to do everything you do.

Let's pause for a moment while you both listen and hear what it is I am saying to you.

Consider that everything that is in your life today is there because you have placed it there. Consider that you have placed it there by choosing to attach to it for whatever reason you did so at the time it was presented to you. Then consider that, in reality, there is no where you have to be, no one you have to talk to, nothing you have to participate in and nothing you have to do no matter what you have ever been told or what you have interpreted based on your personal experiences. There is no job you have to go to, no project that is mandated for you to finish, no activity that requires your presence and no person that you have to have a relationship with or even contact with for that matter. Rather, there have been options presented to you over and over as you have traveled this journey--options that you yourself have actually commissioned on your own behalf.

In fact, there have been an infinite number of experiences and options that have been presented for your consideration over your life time, and in this moment, I am asking you to suspend all self-imposed requirements and ask yourself the following questions:

"Did you actually consciously choose what it is that you have in your life today because you were inspired toward those choices by the love in your heart or did you or someone else or something else tell you that what you have or what you think you want is what you are supposed to have or supposed to want? Or better yet, were you somehow convinced by your own thinking or by a past experience that what you have committed to is what you had better do if you want to "make it" in this world?

On the days before today, have you woken up and looked out on the day from a place of Divine Inspiration and joyfully aligned with all the goodness that has always been meant for you or have you been so busy trying to make "it" that you don't even know what the "it" you are trying to make is anymore?

Do you move along your day and when options are presented, gently peer inside listening for the whisper of the yearnings of your heart or have you been so busy running towards some predetermined goal that you decided on by some means at some point so very long ago that you don't even remember now where you are running to or what you are running for?

And if your answers tend to side more at this point with the latter choices, ask yourself this: What if you could start over and make a conscious choice--one that was really made from what you really loved and really wanted and really believed instead of one based on fear of not getting what it is you think you are supposed to want in order to survive? What if you could look at the palette of choices before you, undo every commitment, and start fresh and re-create your life right in this moment? What if no matter what you have created so far, we could clear the slate right now, and you really could embrace the truth that there is nothing mandatory about your experience here--all of it is choice and all of what you choose is up to you.

I am Infinitely patient, and I have given you both the power and the ability to decide what it is that you want to do with the time you are given. There is no guilt, no pressure, and no judgment associated with what we are discussing right now. It's completely up to you, and no matter what you choose, you will be deeply and profoundly and endlessly loved.

There are, of course, consequences to the decisions you make and the actions you choose because for every action there is a corresponding reaction--it's universal law. Yet, while there are consequences, there is no judgment (other than your own if you so choose to judge). I love you no matter what you do--the only real question you need to ask yourself is what do you want and why do you want it? If you know the answer to that and the answer to that is coming from a place of love rather than from fear, you've made a very enlightened beginning.

So given all of what I have shared with you as the basic rules of the game and knowing everything that you know based on all of your experiences up until this point, if you could start over in this moment, what would you choose and why would you choose it?"

Yes, that is the question.....a very good question, indeed.